Yapra Rural Bank is proud to offer e-Banking services that allow access to your account wherever you are 24/7. We have a range of tailor-made electronic channels to suit all our customers' financial and banking needs. By subscribing to any of our e-banking products you can easily and securely access your account in any location at your own convenience.

The e-zwich smartcard allows the customer to perform electronic transactions at any e-zwich Point of Sale (POS) terminal or ATM. The e-zwich smart cardholder can access banking services at any bank throughout Ghana irrespective of whether that bank issued that smartcard or not. Some benefits of owning an e-zwich smartcard include:

  • Highly secured; due to biometric fingerprint identification
  • Accepted by all banking institutions and easy to use.
  • Accrual of interest over a period on funds on savings wallet.
  • Cardholders are able to move funds to and from regular account at Yapra Rural Bank

SMS – Alert
Yapra Rural Bank sms-alert service offers automatic notifications and early warning via SMS to subscribed customers. The customer is immediately sent a notification of any transaction that may affect the account balance as a result of debit and credit balances processed on the account. All you need to sign up is your valid mobile phone number and an account number from which you would like to receive notifications.
Benefits include:

  • Easy monitoring of account activities
  • Service allows customer to monitor account wherever you are

About Us

Yapra Rural Bank was formally incorporated on March 29, 1982 and commenced operations on December 8, 1983. The bank is a company incorporated in Ghana under the Companies Act 1963(Act 179) and licenced by the bank of Ghana to undertake the business of rural banking.

Products & Services

Yapra Rural Bank Ltd which has been in existence for over 30 years is committed to providing flexible and innovative products and deliver tailor-made services to bring banking to your doorstep. Take a look at some of our products and services.


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